Kadho Sports Welcomes Legendary Football Coach Bruce Rollinson As New Sports Advisor

Head Coach Bruce Rollinson joins Kadho Sports as a sports advisor, bringing extensive years of football knowledge to the Kadho Sports team. Kadho Sports and Rollinson worked together to design and develop football training technology based on decades of neuroscience research.

Irvine, California– Kadho Sports announces that Head Coach Bruce Rollinson of Mater Dei High School (Santa Ana, CA) will be joining the company as a sports advisor.

Kadho Sports has previously developed a cognitive sports training platform for volleyball, baseball, and softball with professional, collegiate, and national teams which combines years of neuroscience research with fully adaptive mobile technology. Kadho Sports and Coach Rollinson worked together during the 2016 season to customize this training platform for football usage. The resulting technology platform can be used to enhance gameday performance, and accelerate film study for players on both offense and defense. The platform was deployed to the Mater Dei football team during the 2016 season.

“I am very excited to be working with Kadho Sports to customize their technology for football,” legendary head coach Bruce Rollinson said. “One tackle, pass, or missed assignment can make the difference in a championship season. As a coach, I’m always looking to any new methods that can help make that one extra play.” Rollinson then added “I’m known as an ‘old school’ coach, but I believe this technology isn’t technical as much as it is about football. I truly feel this can make an impact in how players prepare each week and I’m looking forward to helping Kadho Sports push their technology forward.”

Rollinson’s teams have enjoyed unparalleled success in high school football for over 30 years. He was recently named Coach of the Year for 2017 by the NHSCA, and his storied tenure at Mater Dei High School includes two USA Today National Championships, five undefeated regular seasons, and a Heisman Trophy winner in Matt Leinart at USC. In joining Kadho Sports as a sports advisor, Rollinson brings years of football expertise to the Kadho Sports team.

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Coach Rollinson,” Kadho Sports president Yasuto Suga said. “it’s been very rewarding to be able to discuss and learn the sport from a person with so much knowledge of the game. We’ve been able to create a football technology built around his input and direction, and it’s been extremely productive”. Suga went on to say “We can’t wait to see what his teams will do by combining great coaching, talent and effort on the field, and fully integrating our technology for the coming seasons.”

Kadho Sports combines neuroscience research into how the athletic brain learns and makes high-speed decisions with customized technology to allow athletes to improve their performance.

About Kadho Sports Kadho Sports is a technology startup co-founded by two scientists from University of California, Irvine. As a California-based corporation that started in 2015, it has rapidly gained widespread recognition by the world’s top sports teams for improving their performance. They are proud members of the Evo Nexus Tech Startup Incubator in Irvine (EvoNexus.org). Their athletic training technology is currently deployed with professional and collegiate partners across the sports of baseball, softball, and volleyball. Kadho Sports is committed to combining science and technology so athletes can perform at their best when it matters most. For more information please visit www.KadhoSports.com